Each of the staff persons at AMI is busy running several different not-for-profit associations. This means a variety of tasks, sometimes changing from minute to minute.

Whether it’s promoting an event, contracting with a facility for an event, writing or producing a newsletter, talking to members, helping leaders, whether they’re board members or committee chairs accomplish what they need to get done, financial management, governance or public relations, staff is busy working on each association’s unique needs.

Most of our staff serves as the Executive Director or CEO for each of the not-for-profit organizations they manage. However, we do have several staff who perform specific tasks. For example, our receptionist answers the phone for all the organizations (nearly 40 corporations) never knowing when she picks up the phone who may need what services. Our Marketing team designs websites, newsletters, brochures, engaging e-mail blasts,  logos and other collateral materials clients may need on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, our financial management team, who’s busy reconciling,  invoicing, and analyzing data for each not-for-profit clients.

We also have a dedicated events department who coordinates special events, such as auctions, golf tournaments, poker tournaments, and other fundraising events. All the AMI staff work on coordinating events, whether it’s from initial planning, contracting, promotion, registration, implementation, and making sure that everyone who attends the event has a great time and accomplishes what they need to have done.

Occasionally we get to welcome client leaders or members into our office, which is a great time for us, as face-to-face interaction cements our understanding of their organizational needs, and strengthens our relationship.