Why Choose Association Management Inc.?

Small, medium or large; local state or national; there is a special home for you within our AMI family.

Association Management Inc. is a privately owned Washington Corporation which provides services to associations ranging in size from 50 to 3,000 members. For more than twenty years, Association Management Inc. has acted as an independent contractor, allowing associations to save time, money, and obligations of hiring employees. AMI Staff are knowledgeable, professional, and an asset to any organization. Fees are normally a monthly contracted amount by job description, although hourly fees are sometimes recommended. From temporary special projects or consulting to ongoing management as CEO or CFO, AMI offers an alternative to volunteer-reliant groups.

AMI regularly creates & coordinates:

  • Establishment of Sound Organizational Structures
  • Newsletters
  • Committee Meetings
  • Membership Meetings
  • Minutes
  • Membership Rosters
  • Federal, State & Local tax reports and deposits
  • Public Relations & Presentations
  • Contract Negotiation

    AMI contracts with:
  • Professional Associations
  • Trade Associations
  • Residential Owners Associations
  • Charitable Organizations

AMI specializes in:

  • Board of Director Training
  • Building, Writing, and Implementation of Policies & Procedures
  • Non-Profit Issues
  • Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Full-Charge
  • Bookkeeping
  • Meeting & Event Planning
  • Membership Recruitment & Retention
  • Conventions
  • Member Communication